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January 2 (11:15 a.m.) and January 3 (11:00 a.m.): Grand Rounds
Location: Weill Cornell Medical College and New York Presbyterian Hospital
(Westchester campus Jan. 2; Manhattan campus Jan. 3)
Topic: Rethinking Madness: An Argument for Inferential and Dimensional Diagnosis
Sponsor: Dept. of Psychiatry
Contacts: Susan Mehnert (White Plains):;
Brittany Nelson (Manhattan):

January 5: Day-long workshop
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Topic: Individualities: Ten Angles of Vision on Personality Differences that Matter for Therapy
Sponsor: UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services
Contact: Ayala Ofek, PsyD:

January 19 (rain date January 26): Three-hour workshop
Location: Villanova, PA
Topic: Rethinking Madness: How a Dimensional View of Psychopathology Can Improve Treatment
Sponsor: Counseling Center, Villanova University
Contact: Joan Whitney, PhD:

March 1: Day-long workshop
Location: Ottowa, Canada
Topic: The PDM-2: Restoring an Inferential, Dimensional, Contextual Sensibility to Diagnosis
Sponsor: Medipsy Psychological Services
Contact: Marilyn Fitzpatrick, PhD:

March 2: Day-long workshop
Location: Montreal, Canada
Topic: The PDM-2: Restoring an Inferential, Dimensional, Contextual Sensibility to Diagnosis
Sponsor: Medipsy Psychological Services
Contact: Marilyn Fitzpatrick, PhD:

March 16-17: Two-day workshop
Location: Panama City, Panama
Topic: The PDM-2: Issues in Personality Diagnosis and Conceptualization
Sponsor: International Psychotherapy Institute: Panama Chapter
Contact: Lea S. de Setton, psychoanalyst:

March 23, 24: Day-long conferences
Locations: Rome (March 23) and Milan (March 24)
Topic: The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, 2nd Edition
Sponsor: Sapienza University, Italian Psychological Association, and Guilford Publications
Contact: Vittorio Lingiardi:

April 18-22: Pre-conference master class (and subsequent conference participation)
Location: New Orleans, LA
Topic: Depressive and Masochistic Psychologies
Sponsor: Division of Psychoanalysis (39) of the American Psychological Association
Contact: Stephen Anen, PhD:

May 3: Grand Rounds
Location: Syracuse, NY
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: SUNY Upstate Medical University
Contact: Lynn Stormon:

May 12 to 14: Three-day workshop
Location: Shanghai, China
Topic: Case formulation, personality structure, and psychotherapy
Sponsor: Psychology training company in Xin Meng, China
Contact: Wang Tao:

May 19, 20: Two 6-hour lectures
Location: Tokyo (May 19) and Osaka (May 20)
Topic: May 19: Rethinking Madness: An Argument for a Dimensional View of Psychopathology
Topic: May 20: Understanding and Treating Individuals with Borderline Psychologies
Sponsor: Japanese Clinical Psychology Association
Contact: Makiko Kasi, PhD:

May 26: Lecture
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: Kyoto Institute of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
Contact: Naoto Kawabata:

June 7: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Newark, Delaware
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: University of Delaware Center for Counseling and Student Development
Contact: Julie Garson, PsyD:

August 26 to Sept. 1: Masters Summer School and Conference on Psychotherapy
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Topic for summer school: TBA
Topic for conference: Why Psychotherapy is Not Enough to Save the World
Sponsor: Laboratorium Psychoedukacji
Contact: Zofia Milska-Wrzosinska:

September 20: 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Coatesville, PA
Topic: Depressive Psychologies: Different Approaches to Different Depressive Experiences
Sponsor: Coatesville Veterans Administration Medical Center
Contact: Drew Kerr, PsyD:

November 3: Six-hour workshop (with Michael Garrett, MD)
Location: Nashville, TN
Topic: Working with Paranoid Patients: Treatment of Psychotic and Nonpsychotic Paranoia
Sponsor: Tennessee Psychological Association and Appalachian Psychoanalytic Society
Contact: William MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP:

November 10-11: Lectures
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: Psychology conference
Contact: Judy Hyde, PhD:

December 1: Workshop
Location: Tucson, AZ
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: Southwest Psychoanalytic Society and Arizona Center for Psychoanalytic Studies
Contact: Pamela Hays:


Jan. 26: Day-long workshop
Location: Southeastern Florida
Topic: TBA
Sponsor: Southeast Florida Association for Psychoanalytic Psychology
Contact: Linda Sherby, PhD:

February 6-10: Conference participation (panel as yet unscheduled)
Location: New York City
Topic: Panel on Narcissism: “Is Love Possible in a Narcissistic State?”
Sponsor: American Psychoanalytic Association
Contact: Jane Kite:

May 22-24: Two-Day Workshop
Trondheim, Norway
Topic: Psychodiagnosis and Its Implications for Treatment
Sponsor: Dept. of Psychiatry, St. Olav’s Hospital
Contact: Tore Johnsen, PhD:

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